About academy

Management Academy (MA) is a mission-oriented nonprofit organization (Social Enterprise). It was established on February 22, 2011 by Aleksandre Jejelava, Vano Nadiradze and Maia Mikashavidze. Our mission is to improve quality of management in all sectors of Georgian society. We believe we can contribute greatly to development of Georgia by increasing professional capacity of Georgian managers.

Best trainers from public, private and non-profit sector partner with MA on a regular basis. All of them have extensive (12+ years) practical experience in their fields. Small but very effective full time team is in place to organize and manage all training, coaching, and consulting projects and activities. MA's training facilities, technology, and methodology is the best in Georgia.

Training contents are based on up-to-date methodologies, best practices, and are enriched by trainers’ rich practical experiences. Our trainings assist participants to achieve measurable outcomes in a short term.

Besides trainings, MA facilitates knowledge transfer and social networking between diverse professional groups and industries. All profit from operations of Management Academy is used to deepen its role and facilitate development towards social mission.

Management Academy has trained over 6000 managers from 450+ local companies since its existence.

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